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Geriatric Screening

At Columbia Pet Hospital, we are dedicated to giving the best care for your pet throughout his or her life.  It is our goal to keep your pet just as healthy now as when he/she was a youngster.  We are happy to offer to clients, that have pets over 7 years of age, a geriatric screening at a reduced price.  This screening includes an organ profile, a complete blood count, and a thyroid level.  These tests give the doctors a general snap shot of what is happening inside your pets body.  This screening is minimally invasive, requiring only one blood draw, and the results are returned and interpreted within 48 hours.  Often, if a problem is detected early enough, a simple change in diet or a supplemental medication may be all that is needed to help our best friends live happier, longer lives.  Negative results are just as useful because they establish a baseline that the doctors can use for interpreting future lab results.  The regular price of this screening is approximately $260.00, however we have reduce the price to an affordable $142.00 to help you provide the best healthcare for your pet.