Columbia Pet Hospital

400 Nebraska Ave.
Columbia, MO 65201


Posted By :    Mitzi Luecke  (
Posted :    3/6/2017
Comments :    I am so thankful your service, care, and the peace of mind that you have provided Austin. you have provided this service to me 3 times in 9 months, and thogh we have never met personally, i was VERY IMPRESSED you remembered me and my 3 BOYZ. Thank you From the botom of my heart you are a very special kind wondeful.
Posted By :    Debra Betz & Jessica Addy  (
Posted :    11/17/2016
Comments :    The staff is very professional and friendly. We've been taking our two cats here since 2012. The staff are all so amazing! There have been several places I have taken my pets to (years ago!) and you could tell they just were in it for the money. NOT these guys and gals! They're willing to help you even if you can't afford it and work with you if they can. They've worked with us twice now for our kitties and I am so grateful. They take great care of my family's cats. Yesterday, we had to get our cat (Noam) seen last minute last night and they worked us in and helped us out. We didn't have enough money to buy one of the things we needed (a spray for fleas) and we ended up getting it right before closing and they waited for us and let us come in a few minutes after they were suppose to be closed. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family because they genuinely care about animals AND their owners. From the bottom of our family's hearts, thank you for helping out and helping us not feel like awful owners for it all.
Posted By :    Char kisch  ( )
Posted :    4/29/2016
Comments :    A big heart-felt thank you to ya'll for taking care of Busters' cremation so quickly for us! Now we have him back home...Thank you Austin and staff...
Posted By :    Angie Colgrove  (
Posted :    7/2/2015
Comments :    Just stopping by to say hello. Think of all of you so very often. Not a day goes by without a thought or tear of our beloved Spoozie and Tory Bell. CPH is simply the best in every aspect from beginning to the very end. Our thanks to all of you always for being there and your stemcell program. it made such a difference! Hugs to all....Angie and Hugh
Posted By :    Nichole Ballard
Posted :    5/6/2015
Comments :    I just want to thank CPH and the caring doctors there. My Cadence has mast cell tumors. They helped treat them when they were minor. Cadence always had a tail wag for them when we went to the office. They have been there while we deal with this difficult time as Cadence's cancer has returned with a vengeance. While she is terrified of the hospital, she loves to the doctors at CPH. Our pup Josie is quite fond of them as well. They've helped us take wonderful care of our furbabies and we wouldn't think of going anywhere else for their health and happiness. xoxo Cadence and Josie
Posted By :    cyndi evans  (
Posted :    4/1/2015
Comments :    Just found your website while trying to help my daughter look for an animal job. Last June my great dane, Taz, had to be put to sleep unexpectedly. MU sent him to you and you guys took care of him for me. I just wanted to tell you thank you. I have never opened the package. He is resting in my hope chest.
Posted By :    Bill
Posted :    12/3/2014
Comments :    In a terrible second, we lost our Bandit to an accident. The team at CPH were very helpful and caring in helping us arrange for Bandit's cremation. We feel like we were treated as more than just a Customer and with care and concern as we were every emotional. Debbie and I would like to thank the team at CHP for understanding the loss of our loved one through compassion and understanding.
Posted By :    Cheryl
Posted :    10/10/2014
Comments :    Austin was absolutely wonderful. He worked with me to arrange for my dog's cremation after her unexpected death. I was mostly in shock that first day, and he was kind, patient, and went above and beyond. I now have a beautiful paw print to remind me of my precious pet, thanks to his compassion and understanding of my situation. Thank you for everything!
Posted By :    Chelsay Braun
Posted :    3/8/2014
Comments :    I would HIGHLY recommend Columbia Pet Hospital!! I lost my 14 year plot hound about a month ago to cancer. I wanted him cremated and didn't trust anyone locally to do it as all animals get sent to the animal shelter for it. I had heard about tier cremation services before so I had my mom call that morning while I was spending final minutes with my hound. :( they rolled the red carpet out for us not even knowing who we were or us being clients. They closed at noon that Saturday and I wasn't able to get to them until 2 that day. Someone stayed and waited and then they were so caring and nice when we got there. Mind you this was also after a nice storm. They are great and if I lived closer I would most definitely use them as my vet!!
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